Why Kindle Fire 8.9” is the Best Buy Hottest Item Now

best-buy-kindle-fireSince the first Kindle release, this book reading tablet has reached massive popularity despite of some objections about declaring this tablet as book replacement.

Best Buy Kindle Fire  is among the hottest tablet items sold, especially since it features both cheap price and considerably more advanced apps and features than previous Kindles. These make Kindle Fire one of the most surprising apps, because from all tablets ever released, Kindle is a name that is still be mostly related to book reading function and audio book file storing, and nothing else. This time, Kindle brings its product to the new level with Kindle Fire, and it seems that we can expect for more things to come.

The Hot Item: Kindle Fire 8.9” at Amazon

Kindle Fire is marketed as a Kindle with more than book reading and saving apps, showing richer features than previous Kindles ever released. The improvements are shown from the look and shape, the technology and the apps. The hottest item of Best Buy Kindle Fire right now is Kindle Fire with 8.9 inch screen, released shortly after Kindle Fire with 7 inch screen and dubbed as the advanced Kindle. Sure, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire has almost twice the price of Kindle Fire with 7 inch screen, but the price is still mostly considered cheap if you think about what this ‘book reading’ tablet can do now.

Significant improvements of Kindle Fire 8.9” that you can see at its feature list at Amazon are, among others, the display, audio system, connectivity, storage capacity and the multi touch capability. Probably not the best buy at all if you are a hardcore business folk type with highly mobile working style, but if you are a college student, or parent who wants to get your kid a cheap tablet, this can be a good item to covet.

Best Buy Kindle Fire 8.9” features another, more advanced version of the same product, which is Kindle Fire 8.9” 4GB. The price seems outrageous at first; if you see both Kindles at Amazon, you will see that the 8.9” costs around $269, but the 8.9” 4GB costs almost $400! You are not to blame if you think that the 4GB one must have significant plus points compare to almost identical 8.9” (without 4GB on its name). Unless you are a casual buyer who does not put much attention to the spec details, you will indeed find significant, more advanced features.

 Why Best Buy Kindle Fire 8.9” is a Hot Item

Both 8.9” Kindle Fires at Amazon boast advanced specs. Similar specs that they have are the High Definition LCD Screen (compared to mere LCD Screen from 7” Kindle Fire), similar screen size (1980×1200), same audio system (Dolby with dual speakers), same weight and battery life period (almost 10 hours with continuous using). And make sure you read each product’s description because they do look similar! The only difference between Kindle Fire 8.9” and Kindle Fire 8.9” 4GB is the extra 4G LTE for the connectivity of the latter Kindle. Other than that, they are pretty much the same product.

Details aside, Best Buy Kindle Fire 8.9” features 16 GB of capacity and more advanced Dual Core system; 1.5 GHz compared to 1.2 GHz of Kindle Fire 7”. Only these two features are enough to win most users’ hearts, especially college students, kids and people who want to own kindle for entertainment and internet browsing purposes. The size enables you to store many movies, videos, songs, games, audio books and book files without slowing down the overall performance. However, Kindle Fire does not forget its original function as book reading device; Amazon still boasts its function as multi file reading device, able to open various book files from TXT to PDF and AZW. 16 GB should be enough for most casual users, but if you want to buy the same version with 32 GB capacity, you must add about $30. Most books sold in the Kindle Fire are also tagged under $5, so you can get good deals every time you want to read good books.

Best Buy Kindle Fire 8.9” also features other accessories that you can find from Related Products section; recommended accessories for this Kindle Fire include transparent screen protector from ZAGG, the Invisible SHIELD for 8.9” Kindle Fire, and various Kindle Fire cases. Additional paid apps and downloadable programs will be featured in the Kindle program, which you can browse from the downright corner of the screen. Plus, there is no any installation required as soon as the Kindle is taken out of the box. Again, Amazon ensures that you can readily use the Kindle once you get it.

What to Expect in the Future

Amazon has announced that the next series of Kindle Fire will feature special personalized content for kids, called Kindle Free Time. While the current Kindle Fire has already found place at the hearts of many kids, Free Time will ensure parents that their kids use the tablet wisely and with certain measures of protection. Kindle Free Time will enable parents to set screen time limit to prevent kids from playing too much, and it also will select more appropriate and kid friendly contents.

Overall, Best Buy Kindle Fire HD 8.9” features quite good price for a high performance tablet that mostly has entertainment, social media, reading and browsing purposes (which are basically what most people do with their tablets anyway). If you are a business folks or serious grad students that need more professional features for daily performances, this tablet will not serve you in maximum capacity. However, you can get overall tablet functions for communication and entertainment without getting the famously expensive Apple price tags for almost similar products. Even with extra 16 GB capacity of the same product, you are only required to add about $30. Make sure you check out Best Buy Kindle Fire for a reading tablet with great features and large capacity just under $300.